Tuesday night games

Invited a new group out to the local pub, ordered a tasty red ale and scattered the table with games. The offerings for the evening? Myrmes, alien frontiers, Hansa Teutonica & Glen More…

We started with a four-player game of Myrmes, two players went for a heavy territory strategy, another had his first game, trying to figure out how all the mechanics work together and where the points add up.

Once again i’ve never played a game in which players allowed opponents extra points in using the same objectives, they always just go around. My last round was marred with a horrible play! i made workers with nothing possible to build and no soldiers to eat… oy.
Final scores were within 5 points of one another.
We followed up with a game of hansa teutonica. I went for the passive aggressive approach, filling in a piece here and there so my opponents would needed to push me out of the way to pick up their routes. This caused my opponents to grumble at me a little bit. 😉
It worked pretty well and i eeked out a win with a mutual point strategy with another player. More grumbles from my opponents.

It struck me last night that i need to revisit my old favorites like hansa more often, as i had forgotten some key rules and lost my sense of strategy in between games.

More games next week i think, perhaps a rehash of Intrigue though my real ambition is to finally play my poor neglected copy of Lyssan.

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