Ladies & Gentlemen, First Impression

gentlemen What made shopping, stocks, gossip, fashion, and misogyny so fun?? Ladies & Gentlemen did. Gentlemen go to the stock exchange every morning, ladies head off to their favorite shops; After all, the ball is only a few days away!! I can’t even make this up!! The most elegantly dressed lady at the end of the game will take the victory. Men must bring enough bacon home to pay for the ladies’ fashion choices and household help.

This game makes perfect use of the Victorian Era as most Americans probably know of it. Ladies must be fashionable, though they can be a little gossipy. The men work at the stock exchange, and grimace at the credit card bill upon their arrival home. Men will find also themselves having to foot the bill for a very expensive courtesan’s wardrobe if they want to keep their reputation for class.

The gentlemen’s job is a kind of race. There are a number (equal to the number of gentlemen) of revealed contracts with needs of 2-5 specific resources. At the opening bell, the men will look at the resource tokens, one at a time, with the ability to keep three and find a number token to determine his and his ladies’ initiative for the round. In the afternoon, the gentlemen will, in initiative order, sell their resources for cash or complete contracts.

The ladies’ morning means window shopping. They choose from a number of sales to place in their favorite shop. Theladies sale is for hired help, apparel, accessories or jewelry. In the afternoon each lady decides, in secret, which shop she’ll visit. Ladies will search from among the sale items and take their choices home on credit.

Each evening the ladies will hand their dapper gentlemen the various things they’ve found during the day. The gentlemen will choose for which of these things they’re willing to foot the bill. Each garment has a number of elegance points, though they must adhere to a couple of restrictions. After five rounds the ladies & gentlemen will meet at the big ball, and the lady with the most elegant outfit will win the envy of all the town.

Last night’s two session games saw the ladies fighting over finding a dress. The gentlemen’s side ran somewhat smoothly, with huge competition over the big-money contracts. The winner eeked it out with lots of cheap jewelry/accessories. In my (triumphant) second game, it was a mix of designer-specific pieces and helpful servants that snatched up my victory!

What a fun game! It brings out the silly in everyone to whom I’ve shown it. The game begs for as much flavor and role-playing as possible. The sexist theme and dual-sided play wants for funny voices and lots of jokes.

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