fun quiz!! Top 100 Boardgames of all time!

dominant species!This has been making the rounds on the facebooks!!

I’m sitting pretty at 69 played out of the 100.

There were certainly a few i wanted to play, but have not yet! I suppose i should write them on the internet, to make a quasi-commitment to playing them 😀

Merchants & Marauders—  this one is supposed to be a fun, card driven beast of a game. It should be back in stores late this summer.

antiquity looked interesting, but has less activity than some of the others, so i won’t hold my breath for a reprint

Navegador  I have been told this one is worth some time and effort. AND IT HAS RONDELS!!!

Goa: I’m so bad at auctions, but this one is supposed to be a classic!! Should be back in store any minute!

and finally El Grande. ’cause really, i should have played this by now.


What’d you score? What’s your goal?

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