Board Game Vlog #2 with Maggibot

I talk about my trip to the board game swap. I got a brand new(old) El Grande! Played a fab game of Rococo and had a grand time in general

Board Game Vlog #1

Trying to get out more content, more often… so i’m transitioning into a vlog-style now. This will still contain reviews, news and gaming everything, just less focus on the how-to-play until i find some more time… like, under my bed or in my closet somewhere. I’ve lost all my time somewhere!

Looking at Russian Railroads

We’re checking out Russian Railroads (and bemoaning Z-man’s small print runs) today.

this game is more than just awesome, it’s a keeper!

2-4 players and off-the-beaten path of worker placement. Place a dude, do a thing, CONSTRUCT AN ENGINE AND HOPE.

hope you like the video!

Coup Review and Overview

A quick look at Coup, from the world of the Resistance. This is a multi-player game asking for bluffing and wizardry.

I backed this and am very happy with the results. I got an extra piece, and prettier money. This is great filler, people!