Looking at Russian Railroads

We’re checking out Russian Railroads (and bemoaning Z-man’s small print runs) today.

this game is more than just awesome, it’s a keeper!

2-4 players and off-the-beaten path of worker placement. Place a dude, do a thing, CONSTRUCT AN ENGINE AND HOPE.

hope you like the video!

Coup Review and Overview

A quick look at Coup, from the world of the Resistance. This is a multi-player game asking for bluffing and wizardry.

I backed this and am very happy with the results. I got an extra piece, and prettier money. This is great filler, people!

This Week in Gaming

Come see some of the fun things I picked up this week!!

I spent a chunk of my budget this week and received some really neat things I had preordered, so I couldn’t wait to share them!!

Feel free to leave word if you ever have a request for a game review!!

Fantasy Flight Dusts off Diskwars

Fantasy Flight put out a press release for Warhammer: Diskwars. Diskwars was a quickly overlooked CCG license from the late 90’s. Overlooked until you shove it into the realm of Warhammer I guess? They’ve announced that this should not be considered a CCG, and its core set will have everything a player needs. So maybe this will become a living card game, without the cards?

disk-anatomyI like the novelty of the disks, and using them to measure movement is just smart. Now will this put the constructible boosters back into vogue? A reboot of Pirates of the Spanish Main would be so, so cool.

The disk’s anatomy looks plenty intuitive. The game plays by the disks flipping on top of one another, pinning the other in place. It’s due in stores early next year, so i’ll be keeping an eye out.

Z-Man makes a move toward the digital realm

ImageZ-Man Games has decided their next big launch will be in the digital realm. They are taking their wildly popular Pandemic into the Ipad app world. 

Z-man is one of the most popular game companies, with the most conservative print runs… making their games much harder to find in general. Titles like Pandemic come out for brief stints, and run out of stock for 8-10 months at a time. 

So now they’re putting out digital content, when the board game they’re based on is missing from store shelves… 

I get that Ipad apps make money, but i also value tabletop. oh well, maybe this means some of their out of print titles will be available soon (cross your fingers for Luna).

Spiel des Jahres Nominees are announced today!!

ImageThe Spiel is a ‘Game of the Year’ award in Germany. This one award will shape the sales of a game for the following year. It is given to light “gateway games” that should fit in with just about any game collection. The nominees have now been announced! The three titles include:

Augustus, by Paolo Mori is a light euro in which players are trying to complete objectives and control territory with a bingo-draw mechanic.Image Players hope to draw the correct symbol out of the bag to complete objective cards set out on the board. Reminds me a little of the decision process from Streams.

Hanabi from Antoine Bauza(does that man ever sleep?) is a fun light cooperative card game. It is just about to complete a wider release in Imagethe states. Players must work together to complete as many card sets as possible. This is complicated as players cannot see their own cards; They must rely on information provided by their teammates. This is a great bar game and not one to over-think about.

Finally we have Qwixx from Steffen Benndorf. This too is a little like Streams, lols. It’s a press your luck dice game. It has not yet been released in the states. I can’t quite see how this one feels new or fresh on the market. Players roll two neutral dice and a number of available colored dice. The sums of those dice are then used to cross off available values from a sheet, lending to an end-game scoring.

welp, i hope Hanabi takes the award. I feel it has a unique place on the market. The other two were less than overwhelming. I am super surprised that Escape the Curse of the Temple didn’t make this list as it is perfect for the category!!

newly backed!!

ImageI backed Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia today on Kickstarter. I couldn’t help myself any longer. The price is $20 below their MSRP. I have loved Alien Frontiers and think that Dice-Placement games have some really wonderful possibilities. Combine that with the post-apocalyptic theme and it’s like catnip!!

it doesn’t hurt that the board is stunning and colorful!!