Board Game Vlog #4 with Maggibot

Spent the day at a retailer’s trade show. Found out about a lot of organized play options… talk your ear off about Harbour, Progress and Dark Gothic.

This Harbour:

more about Progress:

more about Dark Gothic(available right meow)

Board Game Vlog #1

Trying to get out more content, more often… so i’m transitioning into a vlog-style now. This will still contain reviews, news and gaming everything, just less focus on the how-to-play until i find some more time… like, under my bed or in my closet somewhere. I’ve lost all my time somewhere!

Lagoon Review and Kickstarter Preview

Taking a look at Lagoon from 3hares Games. Visit their Kickstarter here:

This is a fabulous 2-3 person tile game. It does feel a little like an abstract strategy game, though David has taken care to weave his theme into every aspect of play.

I have personally backed this game and hope that you will do the same. It is as polished and political as one could ask for a game from a small publisher.

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Looking at Russian Railroads

We’re checking out Russian Railroads (and bemoaning Z-man’s small print runs) today.

this game is more than just awesome, it’s a keeper!

2-4 players and off-the-beaten path of worker placement. Place a dude, do a thing, CONSTRUCT AN ENGINE AND HOPE.

hope you like the video!